2014 SAA Guest Writer Bob Kornegay

Bob Kornegay hails from Blakely, Georgia by way of Southeast Alabama and has “a smattering of kin in north Florida who’ll still claim me.”

In 62 years of terrestrial existence he has been bad to hunt, fish, hike, watch birds, and (solely to avoid debtors’ prison) occasionally has held a real job, including a 30-year teaching stint in the Early County School System. He has also been known to write and/or tell a story or two.

A professional writer since the mid 1980s, Kornegay’s work has prolifically appeared in numerous state, regional, and national publications. His columns, feature articles, and short stories have earned more than 100 media-achievement awards. In 1991 his book, BUDDIES AND BOBTALES, received Excellence in Craft honors from the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association. Though he writes and publishes now with less frequency (“the accepted laziness of age”), his humor/nostalgia columns continue in the JACKSON COUNTY FLORIDAN, the ALBANY (Ga.) HERALD, and the MILLER COUNTY (Ga.) LIBERAL. He also writes a bimonthly column for DOTHAN MAGAZINE.

Kornegay agrees with critics who liken him to Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway saying, “Like Mr. Clemens, I never let the facts stand in the way of a good story and, like Hemingway, I occasionally drink too much. Sadly, however, the similarities, end there.”