2014 SAA Guest Artist Beth Appleton

Beth Appleton, Guest Artist for the 10th annual Sunday Afternoon with the Arts, grew up in the central Florida town of Ocala. As a child she studied underwater ballet, dreamed of being a Weekie Wachee mermaid and found love for art at her aunt’s roadside fruit stand. During these early years dance and creative writing would inspire the lyrical artworks and books that she would later create.

Moving to north Florida she received her degree from Florida State University and spent many years teaching art professionally. With husband, David Harbaugh’s encouragement, Beth pursued a life long career as a professional artist. In 1989 she began assembling and cutting paper; developing a style which has become uniquely her own. The work often reveals the combination of a Florida background with design elements influenced by the Southwest and the brilliant color and vitality of the Caribbean and Central America.

For over twenty years, her works have been influenced by the Gulf that surrounds her. Appleton says of her north Florida home, “Artists reflect what they come in contact with; if it gets into your soul, it gets into your art. It is incredible to be sitting on the edge of life here”. Her latest works are digital micro assemblages influenced by local water samples studied and photographed under a microscope. She developed her interest in sampling local waters while serving as a citizen scientist in the Riverkeeper’s Osprey program, taking GPS readings and photos to establish a baseline of the coast for future comparison.

Appleton’s works are in private as well as public collections and are widely exhibited and collected internationally.
For more information please email: bethappleton@me.com
Website: bethappleton.net
Facebook: Beth Appleton, Cut Paper Assemblages

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