2014 SAA Musician Jeanne Hollon

Jeanne Hollon is a native of Orlando, Florida and has been a resident of Marianna since 1973. Jeanne was born into a musical family and was singing and playing the piano before she was old enough to reach the pedals. Never having had a piano lesson, Jeanne can play almost any piece after hearing it only once.

In the 1950’s Jeanne played with a group associated with the Oak Ridge Boys and toured the southeast for several years.

In 1973 Jeanne’s husband was transferred to Marianna, of course the family followed. He was killed in an accident three months later and Jeanne remained in Marianna to raise their three children. In the following years, she worked at the Chamber of Commerce and Chipola College. Currently she sells Medicare Insurance through United Healthcare Insurance, and brokers other products for a number of companies.

Rest assured – her music is never far from her mind.