Artist Don Brown

Don was Born in Casper Wyoming and moved to a little town in central Wyoming called Ten Sleep, at the age of one. As a young child Don spent a lot of time in the mechanic shop with his dad. Now Dad did not want a little one under foot, so he gave Don a hammer and a bucket of bent nails, sat him in the corner and said “straighten these nails.” When all the nails were straight, he gave him a board and said “put these nails into this board”. Little did he know he was instilling into Don a love of working with wood and creating beautiful things.

Don joined the Navy in 1969 and attended several schools and became an electronics technician. He and Lou were married in 1973. While in the Navy he was stationed in San Diego, California aboard the USS New Orleans and from there he went to Kingsville, Texas. After he got out of the Navy he returned to Wyoming and he and Lou started their own business in consumer electronics sales and repair. When the economy fell apart in 1988 Don went to work on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands as manager of the Calibration Laboratory. He and the family lived there for 11 years then moved here to Florida in 1999. He finally has the wood working shop he has always wanted.

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