2014 Poster Contest Winner Artist Lee Oliver

Lee Oliver is the Poster Contest Winner for 2014.  Congratulations Lee.

Lee has always had a passion for creative visual arts even though he has never had formal schooling and/or training. When he was eleven, his neighbor gave him a water color paint set and at sixteen introduced him to his first art exhibit at the Wiregrass Commons Mall. From there he began seeking the advice of other artists about their techniques. This advice was the foundation for Lee to develop his own signature style. He  considers himself an amateur, a “naturally born” artist.

     In 2013, he won the Kathy Wycoff Memorial award and first-place at the Houston County Arts Festival. He has exhibited art at the 9th annual Sunday Afternoon with the Arts reception, Houston County Arts Festival, Bonifay Guild and Watermelon Festival in Chipley. He has taught an art class at the Bonifay Guild.

     He has created pictures for friends and family through the years but keeps the majority of his pieces in his own collection.