Artist Sam Carnley

Growing up as child, the scenes most memorable to Sam were of old weathered houses with tin roofs, rickety old dilapidated barns, log corn cribs, sagging, weed overgrown wire fences held up by gnarled “lighterd” posts, worn out old cars and trucks, forests of trees, and “rub board” rough dirt roads. As an artist, those and similar rustic scenes are his favorite subjects to portray. It seemed a world of grey, with the weathered boards and logs of the houses and barns and fence posts, the bark of the oaks and pines, and the mud spattered old vehicles. The medium he found to best capture that effect is pen and ink. The wide range of tonal values of the ink in conjunction with well defined details and accurate perspective effectively create the illusion of depth giving the art a striking three dimensional look. It is a look that, in his mind, most faithfully conveys those nostalgic images of his childhood.

His creations in this category include: “The Pittman Homeplace,” “Nell’s Birthplace,” and “Two Egg in Monochrome.” The latter piece won a blue ribbon in the adult drawing division of the 2011 Marianna Arts Festival art show. On February 9, it garnered a second blue ribbon as winner of the first place peoples’ choice award in the Dale County Council of Arts and Humanities’ 2013 Black & White Show at the Ann Rudd Art Center in Ozark, Alabama.

Rustic scenes are his favorite subject, but he sometimes ventures into subjects requiring a more delicate touch to portray well. An example of this is his pen & ink portrait of a young woman titled “Irene.”

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