2014 SAA Magician Vernon Linton

Col. Vernon and Margaret Linton have been in the performing arts for many years. Performing illusions for children’s shows to large stage shows; from small to large parties’ to corporate shows and every show is different. We are proud to have our family participate in sound, photo and every aspect of the show; we travel Read more about 2014 SAA Magician Vernon Linton[…]

2014 SAA Guest Writer Bob Kornegay

Bob Kornegay hails from Blakely, Georgia by way of Southeast Alabama and has “a smattering of kin in north Florida who’ll still claim me.” In 62 years of terrestrial existence he has been bad to hunt, fish, hike, watch birds, and (solely to avoid debtors’ prison) occasionally has held a real job, including a 30-year Read more about 2014 SAA Guest Writer Bob Kornegay[…]

2014 SAA Guest Artist Beth Appleton

Beth Appleton, Guest Artist for the 10th annual Sunday Afternoon with the Arts, grew up in the central Florida town of Ocala. As a child she studied underwater ballet, dreamed of being a Weekie Wachee mermaid and found love for art at her aunt’s roadside fruit stand. During these early years dance and creative writing Read more about 2014 SAA Guest Artist Beth Appleton[…]